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How to start the thermal treatment

What is a clinical thermal treatment?

* The thermal treatment is a set of therapeutic actions prescribed by the clinical body of the spa and used by the Thermal Therapy.

* Classic / clinical thermal treatment requires a minimum of 1 week (6 days) treatment, with the recommended period of 2 weeks for the therapeutic benefits to have a more persistent and long-lasting effect.

* The maximum number of consecutive days of treatment is 21 days. Any treatment carried out at the spa resort of Monte Real will be prescribed by one of the hydrologist doctors who make up the clinical body of the Spa.

How to start the clinical thermal treatment?

* In the scope of Clinical Thermalism, the admission process implies the Registration (Thermal inscription + Medical Enrollment). The thermal inscription refers to the use of the Spa, to the ingestion of thermal water (when prescribed) and also to the use of bathrobe, slippers and towel provided by the Spa. Medical enrollment refers to 3 medical consultations to be performed during the treatment period (1st for diagnosis and prescription of treatments, 2nd for follow-up and 3rd for evaluation).

* The first step to the thermal treatment is to go to a consultation with one of the physicians of the clinical body of the Spa for evaluation and prescription of the treatments.

* You can request your consultation / registration in person in our services, by phone, by e-mail or even through our website .

Before taking thermal treatment should I consult my family doctor?

* You can consult your family doctor in order to obtain a credential where the frequency of the Monte Real Spa is prescribed to perform your thermal treatment. This procedure can be helpful if you wish to deduct thermal treatments from the IRS or for reimbursement by your health subsystem. It is advisable to inform your health subsystem of the conditions and conduct necessary for your co-payment.

* However, you can not start the thermal treatment without previous consultation with our medical staff, even if you have already gone to your GP.

* Only the clinical body of the spa has the competence to prescribe the most appropriate treatments in each case, in our spas.

What care should I take when doing a clinical thermal treatment?

* A clinical thermal treatment requires certain attentions. You may be prescribed a specific diet, recommended special care with certain practices, such as bathing, sun and beach exposure, more demanding sports or other activities.

* For the thermal treatment does not need to be accompanied by any particular clothing, but we suggest that you privilege comfortable clothes, for greater comfort and agility. You may need bathing suits / swimming trunks and swimming cap, if you do balneotherapy treatments (eg Scottish showers / nozzles, whirlpool, thermal pool).

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