Circuit Spa Monte Real Lasting 2 hours, per person, includes access to: heated relaxation pool; Jacuzzi, Thermo-Garden (sauna, Turkish bath, rain sky, Kneipp, cascade); Showers Sensations (eucalyptus rain - shower that simulates a winter day and caribbean storm - shower that simulates a tropical storm); Relaxation areas.

Spa Monte Real Vitality face treatment with remineralizing action to the seawater base. Can be applied in various types of skin care combines complexion relaxation. (Dur. Approx. 45 min)

Massage Trilogy Spa Monte Real It is a massage that provides tees different sensations: Draining and slimming with wooden Galetos movements; soothing and revitalizing bamboo movements; deep relaxation through body manual massage technique (dur. approx. 45 min)

Massage Aromastone In this therapy the heated basalt stones are handled for massaging the body with long sliding movement and relief techniques of pain and muscle tension. An experience that relaxes intensely and rebalances the body and mind. (Dur. Approx. 01h)

Relaxing Massage with Bamboo Real This full body massage (except face), the use of bamboo canes of different sizes leads to a state of pure well-being and relaxation. (Dur. Approx. 45 min)

Massage Spa Monte Real With a unique massage protocol, developed by our team of therapists. It consists of relaxing massage and body intensive technique of activation of blood circulation which runs through and covers the whole body. (Dur. Approx. 45 min)

Anti-Cellulite Massage localized massage (abdomen and thighs) vigorous, aiming to shape and firm the silhouette. Performed with anti-cellulite oil (Citrus-based) (dur. Approx. 30 min)

Relaxing Massage Flame massage technique with candles prepared to shea butter base, which are heated to get into liquid, thus providing various types of stimulations: nerve-sensory stimulation due to temperature and touch; thermal stimulation using heat; Olfactory stimulation thanks to the aroma; visual stimulation by light. It allows a deep muscle relaxation and skin hydration. It is a full body massage (except face). (Dur. Approx. 45 min)

Body Exfoliation Monte Real Made with a preparation of volcanic lava and essential oils of wild pine, rosemary and bitter orange, aims to eliminate dead cells, smooth texture of the epidermis; It ends with a body hydration. (approx 45 min)

Body and Facial Argan Exfoliation Made with an argan and royal jelly preparation, aims to eliminate dead cells, smooth the texture of the epidermis, body and face, ending with a hydration. (approx 50 min)

Massage Exfoliating Magic Oryza The combination of exfoliation with manual massage provides a relaxing sensory experience. The skin is softer, its texture refined. At the end of exfoliation is applied a floral water to convert your exfoliating in massage oil, promoting hydration. (Dur. Approx. 45 min)

Baths (Spa Monte Real - Relaxing | Citrus Fruits - Energizing | Milk - Moisturizing) done in the hot tub; the water jets traverse the body, providing muscle relaxation. (Dur. Approx. 20 min)

Massage under water Rain Spa Monte Real Held in Marchesa equipped with water sprinklers suspended on the body, this is a back massage and engaging legs, aromatic, which takes advantage of the revitalizing power of water. It stimulates blood circulation and reveals a relaxing sensory experience. (Dur. Approx. 20 min)

Chromo Float Bed intense experience of relaxation, which promotes a feeling of floating on water bed heated to 35. This equipment includes a waterbed with chromotherapy and underwater jets, through which it is promoted a massage in the lumbar and cervical areas, providing a sense of lightness. (Dur. 15 min)

Jet Shower Shower with high-pressure water jets. It improves circulation and toning the tissues. (Dur. 5 min)

involvements (Spa Monte Real [full-length] | Detoxifying slimming [abdomen and thighs]) are based on the application of a body mask, also including body scrub. With moisturizing, regenerating and detoxifying properties are real delicacies for the skin.

Ritual Monte Real Relax It starts with a bath (Spa Monte Real) providing muscle relaxation. Then carried out a body scrub (Spa Monte Real) in order to remove dead cells and even out skin texture. The skin is thus prepared for a moisturizing body (excluding the face) through a body massage relaxation. This is an extreme comfort ritual that relaxes and moisturizes the skin, providing a mix of emotions. (Dur. Approx. 1:30 a.m. min)

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