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ABC of Spa

Before the Spa Program:

INFO: the Spa Circuit is temporarily closed to comply with all safety and hygiene measures.

For the Circuit Spa Monte Real should be accompanied by swimming cap, slippers, bathing suit or bikini / swim shorts. Monte Real Spa offers a towel and bathrobe for use during the program. You can purchase a cap and slippers at the Monte Real Spa Reception.
We recommend that you use the shower before any program is performed, for greater comfort and relaxation.
We recommend that all male clients who have booked facial treatments that include face massage shave before the program.

Spa Label:

With a clear goal of relaxation and silence, we ask that you turn off your mobile phone during the course of your program.
You can register your Monte Real Spa experience with a camera or mobile phone, but in order to avoid visual disturbance and noise, we do not recommend using the flash.


Complying with a rigorous Procedures Manual, we guarantee your privacy during your stay at Spa Monte Real. Of course, your therapist will be absent from the treatment room so that you settle in the most calm and comfortable way, with total privacy.
During the treatment run time you will be covered with towels that will protect all parts of the body that are not being treated. All clients (female) may also choose to cover the bust area in the performance of body treatments.

Minimum age:

Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to stay in the Spa, except on days reserved for children's programs.

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